The VoltBolt can be used to control access to any electrical device using a standard electrical cord. Examples of applications in which the VoltBolt can provide security are:


  • Computer & VoltBoltComputers:
    Keep individuals from accessing confidential information or inappropriate content, without the need to remember passwords or use complicated software security systems.
  • Stereos:
    Reduce the likelihood that others will damage expensive stereo equipment in your absence. Most DVD’s and music CD’s cannot even be removed from their respective players without electric power to the systems.
  • Copy Machines:
    Eliminate unauthorized use of copy machines and other office equipment by simply turning the VoltBolt to the lock position before leaving the office. No need for security codes or expensive security accessories.


Volt Bolt - The Power to Control Power

Anytime electronics and electrical equipment are in shared spaces, the potential exists for unauthorized use of that equipment. Office workers, hospital staff, teachers and students are just some of the many individuals who could use a Voltbolt to provide much needed security.

  • College Students:
    One of the greatest frustrations occurring with shared living spaces is the unauthorized use of personal electronic equipment. Stereos, computers, televisions and gaming systems are common equipment in most college living quarters. Unfortunately, also common are the confrontations that occur when others help themselves to an individual’s private property. Most of these problems are avoided when the VoltBolt is used to control access to the equipment. With the VoltBolt attached, the property owner has complete control of when their equipment is used and who will use it.
  • Theft Deterrent:
    Potential thieves may want to reconsider stealing valuable electronics when they see the VoltBolt attached. Even though it may be possible to physically remove the equipment, it won’t work with the VoltBolt locked onto the electrical plug. Unless they have the key to the VoltBolt, stolen goods will be useless since no electrical power will be available to operate the equipment.