Wholesale Info.

Are you a Retailer? Then, read on….

The VoltBolt can be instrumental in effectively helping salespeople close sales on personal computers.

Many parents are hesitant to buy a personal computer for their developing children because they fear that unsupervised use of the computer could expose their children to sexual predators, inappropriate chat rooms, and other undesirable web content. They are caught in a dilemma of wanting to give their children the best possible advantage to learn on the one hand, and protecting them on the other. Many parents will forego or at least delay the purchase of a computer because of this.

The VoltBolt solves this problem by giving parents total control in determining when the computer will be used. No unsupervised use of the computer can occur since the parent has the key to the VoltBolt and thus the “power to control power“.

“Retailers now have two more ways to increase sales opportunities.”


  1. Direct sales of VoltBolts
  2. Incremental sales in computers

It’s the perfect impulse buy at check-out since it can be used on virtually any electrical appliance. It’s very affordable and requires NO INSTALLATION!  Everyone can think of at least one or, more likely, several uses for a VoltBolt in their home. Moving it from one appliance to another is as simple as unplugging an extension cord from one device and plugging it into another. THAT’S IT! No special wiring required!