About Us

Volt Bolt - The Power to Control PowerThe VoltBolt was invented by Norman C. Haas in 1992. Norm was not able to control the time or content of television use of the children in his household when he was not present, so he set about to create a device to do exactly that. Working with his father, Albert Haas, in his father’s workshop, the two men created several working prototypes. The first models were sufficiently original that the United States Patent Office awarded a patent for the VoltBolt in 1994. Now that the concept of an extension cord that could lock out power was proven, the next step taken was to create a more efficient model. Consequently, the next eight years were spent improving every aspect of the VoltBolt’s performance. In the process the design was refined and in 2002 the VoltBolt was awarded its second patent.


Volt Bolt - The Power to Control PowerMr. Haas then focused design efforts on creating a VoltBolt that was effective, affordable and safe. In the course of these final design improvements Mr. Haas obtained a Patent Pending status for a third original design concept. Certification of the VoltBolt’s safety was confirmed when CSA International, a leading independent national and International testing organization, awarded the VoltBolt its highly valued Certificate of Compliance after extremely demanding and exhaustive testing. (CSA certification marks tell potential customers and users that a product has been evaluated by a formal process involving examination, testing and follow-up inspection and that it complies with applicable standards for safety and performance.) After 15 years of development, the VoltBolt was finally ready to hit the market.

Norman C. Haas formed Novate LLC, a Kansas Limited Liability Company, for the ongoing development and marketing of the VoltBolt and related products. Novate’s mission is to become recognized as the company that gives individuals the power to control power.