Parental Control

The Impact of Media Content on Children

Parental ControlThe VoltBolt was invented in order to provide a tool that would allow parents to control the amount of television viewed by their children. There is no practical way for a parent to lock out a TV in their absence without a VoltBolt. Instructing most children not to turn on the TV while parents are away is futile. The temptation that the TV offers is just too great for most children. Consequently, children continue to be bombarded with images of violence, sex and other programming detrimental to their health while concerned parents are frustrated with their inability to control their children’s exposure to such programming. The VoltBolt effectively solves this problem. By simply using the VoltBolt as an extension cord, parents can now take full control of when, what, and how much TV is viewed in their households.

VoltBolt Power to control power

  • Televisions: – Research shows that the typical household has 3 TV’s. The VoltBolt’s affordability makes it possible to control access to all of these TV’s. Other systems require complicated programming in order to control viewing content or are too expensive, costing as much as $100 per lockout device. The VoltBolt is the only system with simple key switching providing parents with absolute control of their TVs.
  • Stereos: – Many parents can relate to the problem that occurs when teenagers play music from their stereos too loudly. Not only is the immediate household disturbed, but it often affects neighbors as well. Volume can be monitored as long as the parent is home. However, once the parent leaves, the child is often tempted to “crank up the volume” which can damage neighborhood relationships. The VoltBolt solves this problem by giving parents the ability to control access to the stereo in their absence.
  • Computers: – The computer is one of the most essential devices in today’s world. More than 2 of every 3 households have at least one computer. Unfortunately, the same device that provides so many benefits can also be a source for child endangerment. Sexual predators are constantly looking to entice children into chat rooms and other electronic communication. Pornography is available to anyone with just a few keystrokes. Parents are caught in a dilemma of educating their children about computers on the one hand, and protecting them from harmful material on the internet on the other. The VoltBolt provides parents with a tool that allows them to control access to the computer when their children are unsupervised.
  • Gaming Systems: – Studies have shown an increase in child obesity that correlates directly with an increase in time children spent playing video games. Children once physically active in sports and other outdoor activities are rapidly replacing that time with sedentary activities such as playing video games. Parents are reluctant to “nag” their children to participate in greater physical activity when they’re present and helpless to do so when away. The VoltBolt solves this problem by giving parents total control in determining when the gaming systems can be used.

Some very interesting quotes regarding TV by some very famous people:

VoltBolt Parental ControlTV is the single most significant factor contributing to violence in America.  Ted Turner

In many families the television seems to substitute, rather than facilitate dialogue among people. A type of ‘fast’ in this area could also be healthy. Pope John Paul II

Television is a chewing gum for the eyes.  Frank Lloyd Wright

Given our national television habit, it is no surprise that we are raising the most sedentary and most overweight generation of youngsters in American history. As they grow, these children will run increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems — unless they turn off the tube and become physically active.  US Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D.