How Does The VoltBolt Work?

Voltbolt detailsAny appliance using an electrical cord with standard 2-prong or 3-prong plugs can have the electrical current required to operate the appliance locked out using a VoltBolt. This is accomplished by simply plugging the appliance’s cord into the VoltBolt and using the VoltBolt’s key to lock the prongs of the appliance’s cord into the VoltBolt.

Here is how the VoltBolt works. Plug any electrical device (computer, TV, power tool or kitchen appliance) into the VoltBolt, just like you would an extension cord or power-strip. Leave the VoltBolt in the “On” position and the device will operate normally. When you want to disable the device use the key provided to turn the VoltBolt to the “Off” position and then remove the key. Now, power to the device is cut off, the device will not operate, and the VoltBolt cannot be removed nor power restored until the key is reinserted and the VoltBolt turned back to the “On” position. In other words, the VoltBolt gives you the ability to disable any electrical device any time you wish.

You have the “power to control power.”


voltbolt_onoff_proofEveryone can think of at least one or, more likely, several uses for a VoltBolt in their home or workplace. Moving the VoltBolt from one appliance or tool to another is as simple as unplugging an extension cord from one device and plugging it into another. THAT’S IT! No special wiring required!